Town of Ples, Spusk Gory Svobody st., 18
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Powerful health and energy boost!

We have put our soul in the SPA house. And you will definitely feel that our professional masters of steam put their hearts in each steam ritual.

Steam bath and SPA

We use different kinds of twigs, that we store at the beginning of summer, aromatic herbs for your soul and body delight!

  • Russian steam bath with the steam master service
  • Herbs steam bath
  • Salt cave
  • Cooling tub
  • Jacuzzi
  • Siberian tub with apples (at extra cost)
  • Massage room
  • Snow blower
  • Music in steam bath

Our peculiarities

Steam and SPA complex is for 4-6 guests. Additionally, you may book services of steam master and massage in the massage room. We always offer bath accessories (cap, bathrobe, slippers) and cosmetic accessories.

Tea with nice treats in relaxation room will make you warm.

Good health and good steam!

For booking please call +7 (930) 358-44-03.

Steam bath is wonderful. Everything is new, clean, great attention to little things. Plank to plank. I had a feeling Swedes did it. There is salt cave, herbs sauna, jacuzzi, tub and, of course, Russian steam bath.

What I liked is that it is not allowed to eat or drink alcohol in the steam complex. It makes you feel that this place is taken care of, everything will be of good quality and clean. It is right, otherwise you may ruin your health. I recommend to read about it if you never thought about it before. Like me.

They serve tea, honey, cookies, jam. This is more than enough.

Many thanks to steam masters Alexey and Evgeny. Thank you all for such hospitality. Great place, great people!

Grigoriy S.

Manor «PLES»

Town of Ples, Spusk Gory Svobody st., 18


Town of Ples, Spusk Gory Svobody st., 18
+7(930) 358-44-03 +7(925) 887-17-15
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